Woke Culture At Best Buy Draws Lawsuit, Public Backlash

A whistleblower who exposed anti-Christian policies at a Florida Best Buy store has now been fired by the electronics retailer. The former employee, Enis Sujak, says he will file a Federal civil rights lawsuit against the company. Sujak had questioned his former employer over a policy that promoted LGBTQ symbols such as the pride flag but barred employees from displaying religious symbols including the Bible.

Sujak recorded a conversation with his manager after refusing to attend a mandatory LGBTQ training session. In the recording, the manager informs Sujak that religion is a “choice” but inclusion in the LGBTQ community is not. The manager further explained that displaying the pride flag and other LGBTQ symbols is work-appropriate, while displaying religious symbols is not.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act specifically states that employers may not prevent employees from wearing “objects” worn for genuine religious beliefs, but may prevent displays that are for fashion. Employers are further prevented from requiring employees to participate in pride programs or wearing pride symbols on uniforms.

This is not the first time that Best Buy has received criticism from the public over woke policy decisions. Recently, another whistleblower brought attention to a management training program that is designed specifically for people of color. The training program explicitly bars White employees from participating.

The latest controversy has resulted in significant blowback from the public, many of whom are not Christian, but see the company’s policy as a violation of employee rights. Added to the previous controversy, many people are taking to X and declaring a boycott against Best Buy.

The termination of the employee violates workplace whistleblower laws and the ban on wearing Christian symbols is a further violation of Civil Rights laws. Sujak has retained Mike Yoder, a prominent Constitutional Law attorney.

Diversity training programs have become increasingly common in the workplace as employers try to boost the number of non-White and female employees in corporate and management positions. Best Buy announced the diversity program in 2020. Dozens of other companies including Facebook, Google, Starbucks, and Wells Fargo feature similar programs.

Best Buy CEO Corrie Barry was forced to turn her X account private after receiving numerous comments from the public about the policies. Barry was investigated by the company in 2020 after an anonymous tip claimed that she engaged in an inappropriate relationship with another executive. The results of the investigation were not made public and Barry was allowed to remain as the CEO.

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