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At Voice of Liberty, we take pride in publishing news that keeps you informed and confident in your understanding of the world’s current events. We’re a team of professionals who love liberty and the principles America stands for. As an integrity-driven news publication, we’re dedicated to serving you with stories that accurately represent the developing happenings in our country and the world beyond.

When you read Voice of Liberty, you’ll find news reporting that reflects, represents, and strives to protect the liberties we hold dear. As stringent supporters of the Constitution and the Founders’ vision, we keep our eyes open for stories and topics that interest other patriotic Americans. We’re vigilant, on our guard, and dedicated to uncovering stories that help the next generation preserve our freedoms.

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Voice of Liberty reports current news, plus stories about politics, culture, and the economy. You’ll see stories from across the nation and all over the globe. Our team is dedicated to ethical journalistic practices, and we’re committed to sharing the truth with you.

Follow along each week as we share stories from across the United States. We’ll be keeping you posted, rain or shine, on the important reports you need to know. Want to know about current news events, politics, culture, or the economy? Look to Voice of Liberty.

We understand how important it is to receive your news from a source you can trust–and a source that shares your values. Many readers like you are searching for news publications they can count on. That’s where we come in.

What to Expect from Voice of Liberty

On a regular basis, we publish fair and truthful reports covering News, Culture, and Politics. Let’s take a look at each category so you’ll know what to expect.


News coverage from Voice of Liberty is created with our freedom-loving readers in mind. We cover impactful national and local news stories that affect everyday Americans, in addition to global events and economic news. Keep your eyes on this category for timely news stories that interest you.


Our Culture stories are centered around celebrating and protecting the traditional values we hold dear here in America. If you want news stories that cover ideology, evolving trends, or new laws that jeopardize those values, then you just might find those here.


We publish Politics coverage to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the political world. Whether you’re looking for stories on the campaign trail, upcoming elections, or the elected officials who serve our country, we’ll share those stories in this category. Aside from national news, you may see state coverage, as well.

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