Supreme Court Issues Stay On Texas Law For Arresting Illegal Immigrants

A new Texas law allowing state officials to arrest and deport illegal immigrants was temporarily blocked from taking effect following a stay issued by the Supreme Court.

The stay was issued on Monday March 4 by conservative Associate Justice Samuel Alito. The Supreme Court’s action comes after a previous lower court ruling that permitted the law to be enacted on March 10 and an original stay order that was issued by United States District Judge David Ezra at the end of February.

The stay from Alito was a response to a motion made by the White House. It included a request from the justice that Texas respond to concerns raised by the federal government by March 11. The stay is effective until March 13.

While conservative Americans and lawmakers argue that the Biden administration’s “open border” policies are harming the nation through a rise in criminal activity and illegal immigrants draining community resources, the White House has maintained that Texas’ law is out of line and that these actions should be left to the federal government.

The original stay—which was issued on Feb. 29—was met with criticism from conservatives that laws establishing states as “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants are passed without question from the government, but those seeking to protect American citizens from the adverse reactions of the border crisis are heavily scrutinized.

According to Judge Ezra, the controversial Texas law would open the door for the Lone Star State to “permanently supersede federal directives.” He argued in his initial stay order that this could subsequently enable a “nullification of federal law and authority” which “is antithetical to the Constitution.”

Alito’s order extending the stay on the law’s effective date is the latest in the closely followed disagreement between conservative leaders and the federal government.

Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has been pushing strict border laws that would allow state authorities to limit the influx of illegal immigrants in response to the Biden administration’s lack of enforcement of similar federal statutes.

Other actions taken by Abbott include the construction of barriers on the border between Texas and Mexico, which were subsequently permitted to be taken down by federal authorities, despite the governor’s orders to continue putting up the makeshift fence.

The bill that was stayed by Alito would classify illegal entrance into Texas as a crime, allowing the state to arrest and deport individuals who violate the law.

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