Leftist MSNBC Hosts Mock American Voters’ Concern Over Immigration

The radical leftists of MSNBC are facing major backlash after joking on air about immigration being a top concern for the majority of Americans.

MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Jen Psaki decided to mock Americans while covering the results of the Super Tuesday primaries.

Psaki seemed dumbfounded that her state of Virginia would consider immigration to be a major concern — so much that she had to joke about it with her co-hosts.

“I live in Virginia. Immigration was the number one issue,” she said as the rest of the panel laughed. Maddow then chimed in, joking that “Virginia does have a border with West Virginia,” to which Psaki replied, “you’re thinking, like, what?”

During the broadcast, MSNBC host Joy Reid dared to claim that Republicans are racist because of their views of illegal immigrants, claiming that they’re voting solely based on race.

“They’re voting on race,” she said. “They’re voting on this idea of an invasion of Brown people over the border.”

It’s asinine to think that these women are that clueless about what is going on around them.

Daily headlines around the country read about violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Only three months into 2024, the amount of crimes committed by illegal immigrants is astonishing.

On Jan. 27, the country expressed outrage after two NYPD officers were beaten up in Times Square by a gang of at least eight illegal immigrants.

In Virginia, Psaki’s home state, Renzo Josue Mendoza Montes, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, was charged with assaulting a teenage girl. The assault of a minor is a laughable issue to these women.

On Feb. 22, 22-year-old Augusta University nursing student Laken Riley was murdered by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela while out on her routine jog. Her killer, Jose Ibarra, escaped deportation thanks to the Biden administration.

While Riley’s family just put her to rest, the women on MSNBC seem to think that immigration concerns are funny and a joke.

One thing is clear. Democrats no longer try to hide their true feelings about what the American people want and think, yet according to them, conservatives are the enemy of America. It’s going to be hard for voters to forget about this incident.

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