UFC’s Sean Strickland Goes Off On LGBT Issues, Bud Light

UFC star Sean Strickland is no stranger to sharing his opinions on any subject, including Bud Light’s previous partnership with the LGBT community.

Strickland has been criticized for his attacks on the LGBT community. At a recent press conference in South Africa, he went on a rant, stating how those who believe that they can magically change their gender have an “illness.”

The UFC announced its partnership with Bud Light back in October after the beer giant suffered a major loss following the company’s decision to team up with TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male who claims to be a woman. Bud Light’s wokeness cost the company $1.4 billion.

Now that Bud Light is partnering with the UFC, Strickland posted on X about how he can help rebrand Bud Light, bragging that he can speak out against the LGBT community and get paid by the woke company to do so.

On Monday, Strickland went after the LGBT community again, this time, in a fiery rant on X, writing that he was tired of the activists forcing their pride flags and ideology on children. He also mentioned that he is not alone in thinking so.

“I’m so sick of these c—,” he wrote. “Even budlight. I’m the definition of America… yet I’m the bad guy because I believe in two genders? I am the majority,” he wrote. “They force feed your kids f—ing pride flags. I just wanna fight back a little.”

In January, Strickland went off on Canadian reporter Alex Lee, when he asked the fighter about rejecting a potential son if he came out as gay. Strickland asked Lee the same question, to which he responded that it would not bother him having a gay son. It was then that Strickland went off on a rant about LGBT activists and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“Well then you’re a weak f—ing man,” Strickland said. “You’re part of the f—ing problem. You elected Justin Trudeau. When he seized the bank accounts, like you’re just f—ing pathetic. The fact that you have no f—ing backbone and as he shut down your f—ing country and seized bank accounts, you ask me some stupid s— like that. Go f— yourself. Move the f— on man. F—ing coward.”

He also referred to the journalist as “the enemy” and an “infection.”

Strickland’s critics have demanded that UFC President Dana White take action, but White has constantly defended Strickland, stating that his fighters have freedom of expression.

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