Trump States Iran’s Attack On Israel Wouldn’t Have Happened On His Watch

At a rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, former President Donald Trump slammed his opponent President Joe Biden — arguing that under his leadership, the United States has become weak. Now with Iran’s latest attack on Israel, Trump said that it wouldn’t have happened on his watch.

“The weakness that we’ve shown, it’s unbelievable and it would not have happened if we were in office,” Trump said. “Everybody knows that. But America prays for Israel. We send our absolute support to everyone In harm’s way. This is an attack that would not have happened.”

The former president also made several social media posts regarding Israel, even criticizing Biden for making a pre-recorded response about the attack on Israel instead of making a live statement.

After learning about the attack, Biden cut his latest weekend vacation in Delaware short and returned to the White House.

Trump’s remarks echo his response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which also happened under the Biden administration.

Trump assured Americans that if he is reelected, he will restore order on a global scale and fix the chaos that Biden has caused.

“We will return the world to peace through strength and it’ll happen very quick. We’ll revive American strength abroad and we will restore American strength at home” he said. “We were respected four years ago all over the world. Today we are considered a joke. It’s not going to be for long, believe me.”

During the Trump presidency, the U.S. had power and was respected and feared by other nations. No one was giving the U.S. demands and blackmailing, like Mexico has with Biden in regards to the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border.

Trump had company in criticizing Biden’s response to the attack on Israel. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) also stated that Israel would have never been attacked under the Trump administration, writing on X that the world has become a “dangerous” place since Biden’s presidency.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) also condemned the president, stating that he has “undermined” Israel when they should have our full support.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) stated that Biden’s response to Iran is putting the world at risk for WWIII.

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