Brit Hume Says Biden Is ‘Palpably Senile

After years of calling President Joe Biden senile, Fox News political analyst and respected journalist Brit Hume has added that the president is now “palpably senile” and how more Americans are noticing.

Discussing the results of Super Tuesday’s primaries with Fox anchor Bret Baier, Hume discussed how Biden’s stances have changed over the last few years.

Playing a clip from 2022’s State of the Union address, Biden was insistent on fixing the illegal immigration issue. Now, he refuses to even acknowledge that there is a problem at the border.

Then playing a clip from last year’s State of the Union, Biden stated that some Republicans were more interested in Medicaid and Social Security. As soon as the words came out, then Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was seen in the background shaking his head as the room erupted in chants for the border.

Hume also pointed out Biden’s change in tune over Israel. While he still supports Israel, his support is not as strong as it was.

When Baier pointed out that Trump was leading Biden in the polls with Independent voters, Hume was in no way surprised.

“I have always thought the age and acuity issue was a ticking time bomb,” said Hume. “I was saying when it was not at all fashionable to say it that he was senile.”

“Now I think he is palpably senile and the country sees it,” he continued. “And one of his challenges on Thursday night, Bret, would be whether he can assuage the concerns of those even within his own party, who think and say that he is too old for the job.”

Hume was one of the first public figures to suggest a decline in the president’s cognitive functioning. Filling in for Chris Wallace as debate moderator in 2020, he told then-Fox host Tucker Carlson that Trump would “do his best to try to get Biden off his game and rattle him, and hope the confusion that senile people often experience will come into play.”

He then added, “I don’t think there’s any doubt he’s senile.”

A month later, Hume again referred to Biden as being on a cognitive decline. This time to prove his point, he used his cognitive abilities to justify his reasoning.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt about this,” Hume said. “I have traces of this myself. I know what it feels like. Sometimes you’re confused, sometimes you can’t remember, ‘What are you supposed to do the next morning?’ — and I’m not running for president and it’s probably a good thing I’m not.”

It is hard for anyone to deny that Biden’s cognitive functioning has affected his ability to lead the country. If he’s not slurring words or having difficulty finding his way off-stage, he is mixing up world leaders and conversations. If he manages to miraculously pull off another victory over Trump, he could lead the country into even more chaos.

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