Christian Revival Is Coming To The West

With chaos and morals being lost in the West, one thing is certain; the world needs Jesus. As the decades have passed, things have only gotten worse. The West has become a place that has fallen into a woke ideology concerning gender and what is right and wrong, going against God’s standards.

Justin Brierley, the author of “The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God” and host of the “Unbelievable” podcast, believes hope exists. In the U.K., he noted that Christianity is beginning to re-emerge.

“All that our post-Christian society has delivered so far is confusion, a mental health crisis in the young, and the culture wars,” he wrote. “It’s not surprising then that a movement of New Theists has sprung up.”

Brierley has a point. When a society falls away from God, it is normal for such crises to exist because there is no moral code. For believers, life tends to have more purpose and meaning.

After all, not many people decades ago would have imagined that we would be arguing about what a woman is or how many genders there are, but here we are.

In recent years, many celebrities have turned to Christianity. British actor and comedian Russell Brand announced that he is a Christian and plans on being baptized. Recently, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan found Jesus, along with his wife. The two were even baptized together.

Activist and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali also became a Christian, which was a surprise to many since she showed so much dedication to Islam.

One of the biggest shockers was when Richard Dawkins, one of the most popular atheists, praised Christianity’s positivity. While he has not converted, just acknowledging the power Christianity has on people is a start.

With society being in chaos, more people are turning back to Christianity and God. While they are, Brierley stressed that talking about Christianity means backing it up with actions. He noted that Christian nationals have to walk the walk, fending off the woke agenda at all costs.

For a while, many, especially on the left, said that God was dead. God is far from dead as more celebrities and notable people become Christians.

“As a Christian I believe things that are dead can come back to life,” Brierley concludes. “That’s the point of the story after all.”

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