Leftists Attempt To Demonize Christian Nationalism

It’s no secret that the left has tried to weaponize the term “Christian nationalist.” They turned a term that should be seen as a good thing into something only an evil extremist would want to embrace. In fact, the term has been put into the same category as White supremacy.

According to MSNBC host Joy Reid, Christian nationalism is the idea of “shooting migrants at the border, full immunity for police to kill at-will… terminating the Constitution, bombing Mexico” and “stripping women of all of their personal rights.”

One fact that she did not mention is that a significant percentage of Black Americans consider themselves to be Christian nationalists. According to a recent poll conducted by PRRI, 33% of Black Americans and 29% of Hispanic Americans hold values that coincide with Christian nationalism. In comparison, 30% of White Americans would qualify as Christian nationalists.

These statistics disprove Reid’s claim that Christian nationalists are racists. If they were, Black Americans would be leading the charge.

The left has also tried to portray Christian nationalism as suppressing women. When House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) was elected, one of the first things that the left pointed out was his Christian values, hinting at how his wife, Kelly, was suppressed. At the same time, the left cannot give a definition of what a woman is, which tends to make their argument invalid.

The left also tries to deny that the U.S. was founded on the belief in God. Years ago, CNN presented an article trying to disprove that the U.S. was a Christian nation during its founding or still is a Christian nation. They probably forgot that the U.S. motto is “In God We Trust” and it’s on our currency.

The Declaration of Independence mentions God — and who can forget about Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest presidents in our history, often quoting the Bible. Whether the left likes it or not, there is no denying that God had a lot to do with the founding of our country.

Micah Meadowcroft, the research director at the Center for Renewing America, stated that the Declaration of Independence only makes sense if it is looked at from a Christian perspective.

“We’re saying we need to return that biblical language and an acknowledgment of our Christian heritage to the public sphere if our institutions and our assumptions about human nature and the law are going to make sense, and that the longer that we keep those out of the public sphere, the more unmoored we become from these core moral assumptions that undergird our whole constitutional system and the more lawless our future will be,” Meadowcroft explained. “So this is not a call to revolution, or civil war, or any such thing, it is rather a restoration, a re-founding, and an establishment of genuine constitutional order again.”

While the left tries to demonize the term, there is nothing wrong with Americans having love for God or their country. Instead of trying to make Christian nationalists appear as the enemy, they should try and focus on the real enemies of America, the illegals coming over and killing citizens and Americans who think it’s okay to burn the flag that millions have fought and died for.

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