Clinton To Voters Upset Over Choices: ‘Get Over Yourselves’

During an appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a simple message for voters who were dissatisfied with their two choices in the upcoming election: “Get over yourself; those are the two choices.”

Clinton, a two-time Democrat presidential hopeful, appeared with Fallon to promote a Broadway musical that she is producing called “Suffs.” The musical tells the story of suffragists in 1913 as they fight for the right for women to vote.

In the midst of their interview, Fallon broached the topic of the upcoming election pitting President Joe Biden against former President Donald Trump. Clinton and the crowd groaned at the thought of discussing the election, but Fallon proceeded to ask Clinton her thoughts.

Clinton described the two candidates like this: “You know, it’s kind of like, one is old and effective and compassionate, has a heart, and really cares about people, and one is old and has been charged with 91 felonies. I don’t understand why this is even a hard choice. Really. I don’t understand it.”

While Clinton may think the choice is easy, polls are telling a different story. According to The Hill, in a three-way race between Trump, Biden and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Trump is polling at 41.8%, Biden at 39.5% and Kennedy at 9.6%.

Kennedy has been polling at around 10% consistently which would make him the highest polling third-party candidate since Ross Perot if he continues in the race.

Clinton continued, “But we have to go through the election, and hopefully, people will realize what’s at stake because it’s an existential question. What kind of country we’re going to have, what kind of democracy we’re going to have.”

“And people who blow that off are not paying attention, because it’s not like Trump, his enablers, his empowerers, his allies are not telling us what they want to do. I mean, they’re pretty clear about what kind of country they want.”

Based on the current polling, it seems that more Americans are listening and agreeing with Trump than are with Biden.

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