Report: Teachers Union Pushing Bill Supporting Explicit School Materials

The nation’s largest teachers union lent its assistance to Democratic lawmakers to write legislation intended to counteract the widespread parental backlash against explicit materials in schools.

In an exclusive report by the Daily Caller News Foundation, a memo was revealed that related to leftist attempts to expose children to such books. It concerned the reintroduction of The Right to Read Act by Democrats in April 2023.

Not only would the bill funnel $500 million to complicit school libraries, it would give liability protections to educators and librarians who peddle explicit materials to children.

The Daily Caller noted a letter signed by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) in Feb. 2023. It cited Sen. Jack Reed’s (D-RI) collaboration with the National Educational Association (NEA) in crafting specific language in the measure.

The communication was obtained through a public records request. It indicated a push to have the role of a “state-certified librarian” be assumed by paraprofessionals who could provide explicit materials to young people.

Lawmakers and the AASL disagreed on the removal of the requirement for a state-certified librarian in the process.

However, both organizations threw their support behind the radical Unite Against Book Ban campaign. This effort supports handing explicit materials to youngsters such as “Gender Queer,” “All Boys Aren’t Blue” and “Lawn Boy.”

These titles are under fire for being grossly inappropriate for underage children.

It is well known, however, that these books are available despite the work of concerned parents and grassroots campaigns. An example emerged in New Hampshire where it was discovered that middle school kids may readily access “This Book is Gay,” “Flamer” and other inappropriate titles.

Libraries are either providing these materials for physical checkout or through school-hosted apps. Some on the left are targeting children through apps such as Sora.

E-books may be accessed without taking them from the library. As groomers often seek to do, these apps make it easy for explicit materials to be hidden from concerned parents.

It is also noteworthy that shrill proclamations about “book-banning” attempt to gloss over the offensive content. They ignore the simple fact that no one is objecting to what adults read or view, but merely attempting to keep age-inappropriate material out of the hands of children.

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