Planned Parenthood Promotes ‘Any Reason’ Abortions,’ Features Transgender Person

Planned Parenthood jumped back into the spotlight with a controversial tweet and a link to an equally controversial video this week. The posting proclaimed that “any reason is the right reason” to end the life of an unborn child.

The linked video featured a self-identified transgender person testifying that having an abortion ranked as “one of the best decisions” she had ever made.

The pro-abortion group asserted that having people share their stories of ending their pregnancies helps to normalize the procedure. Planned Parenthood told followers that “telling your abortion story is important.”

The accompanying link connected to a video of a woman claiming to be transgender. She said she underwent an abortion and currently receives “gender-affirming care” through the group.

The woman, identified as Lucky, said she was involved in a “very, very difficult relationship” when she found out she was pregnant. She then called her abortion “one of the greatest acts of compassion” that she had ever done.

Lucky added that the choice was easy and one of the best decisions of her life.

Planned Parenthood has made a broad push to enter the lucrative field of “gender-affirming” care. It has also called on American society to retire terms such as “women’s health care” and “a woman’s right to choose.”

Besides replacing “abortion,” which it insists is a healthy word, the group said these standard descriptive terms “erase” non-binary and trans people. In its own words, leaving these persons out is “transphobic, because abortion isn’t just for women.”

Planned Parenthood also sought to standardize radical leftist ideology. In a recent tweet, it declared that “you and only you know how you feel about your gender identity, and you get to decide what fits you best.”

It went further. The posting called it “normal” to have gender identities change every day or over time. It’s advice is to not limit yourself to one gender and “feeling like you’re multiple genders is totally normal and OK.”

It is not enough for Planned Parenthood to be in the profit-making business of taking the lives of unborn babies. Now it has two feet squarely planted in spreading radical gender ideologies, with no concern over how much damage this is doing to individuals and society overall.

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