Michigan Sheriff Warns Of ‘Transnational Gangs,’ Demands Border Security

Sanctuary jurisdictions and Democratic-controlled states in general are increasingly experiencing the societal ramifications of opposing border security and immigration law enforcement.

Whereas border states have long shouldered the burden of the Biden administration’s immigration crisis, areas across the United States are now witnessing an influx that, as Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently warned, will “destroy” his and other large cities.

Now, authorities in Michigan are advising of a troubling spike in “transnational gangs” hailing primarily from South America.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard described a spate of burglaries and other crimes targeting primarily affluent neighborhoods. He instructed residents to implement extra safety precautions as the crime wave continues.

“They typically hit homes from 5 to 9 p.m.,” he said. “They seem to want houses where nobody’s home and they usually come in through windows in the back.”

Thus far, the value of items stolen in these burglaries — jewelry, electronics, cash, designer goods, precious metals, and more — has surpassed $1 million.

Bouchard emphasized the apparent organization that goes into the gang members’ decisions about which homes to target.

“They do a lot of surveillance, we believe before they commit a crime,” he said. “Usually, it’s two or three people working together, with one of them stationed outside as a driver. They’re focused on the target, not on the community. They don’t recognize jurisdictions or borders of a country, a state, or a county.”

He identified several nations, including Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela as the home nations of most of the suspects, going on to express frustration over the toll that illegal immigration has taken on his county and communities nationwide.

Asserting that a secure border “is critically important,” Bouchard added: “Americans are getting crushed. With fentanyl, human trafficking, terrorist activity that is a ticking time bomb in my opinion — and obviously, transnational gangs that are now attacking communities in Oakland County.”

The Department of Homeland Security has also issued an advisory regarding such gangs, acknowledging that they “strike fear into our local neighborhoods, commit violent crimes against our citizens and facilitate criminal activity such as narcotics and firearms trafficking, sex trafficking, human smuggling and trafficking, and corruption.”

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