Judge Denies Parents’ Request For LGBT Curriculum Opt Out

While leftist activists and officials once went out of their way to protect and affirm the religious beliefs of Muslim Americans, that acceptance clearly does not extend to views about how LGBT topics should be taught in public schools.

After liberals in Hamtramck, Michigan, described the Muslim majority’s generally traditional opinions on the topic as a “betrayal,” a district court ruled against a push in Montgomery County, Maryland, to allow families to opt out of LGBT-themed lessons in schools.

A number of the concerned parents behind that effort are Muslim and sought an injunction to a March rule change that prohibited students from skipping such controversial themes.

According to attorney Eric Baxter, who represented the parents in their case, some of the terms being taught in elementary education include “intersex,” “drag queens,” and “non-binary.”

He argued that forcing parents to subject their children to such a curriculum amounted to a violation of the First Amendment. District Judge Deborah Boardman, however, determined that the plaintiffs “have not established any of their claims is likely to succeed on the merits” and rejected the request for an injunction.

The ruling went on to claim that “because a constitutional violation is not likely or imminent, it follows that the plaintiffs are not likely to suffer imminent irreparable harm.”

As a result, schools across the county have a green light to include any number of controversial themes as part of compulsory education.

“The plaintiffs seek the same relief pending appeal as in their preliminary injunction motion: an injunction that requires the Board to provide advance notice and opt-outs from instruction involving the storybooks and family life and human sexuality,” the ruling continued. “For the reasons stated in this opinion, the Court cannot conclude the plaintiffs are likely to succeed on the merits of an appeal. The plaintiffs’ request for a preliminary injunction pending appeal is denied.

For his part, Baxter confirmed that the plaintiffs will not be dropping their claim, noting that “the case is on the fast track to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.”

He denounced the district court ruling as one that “decided parents have no right to notice when extreme ideology is pushed on their elementary-age children during story hour,” adding: “The school board should let kids be kids and let parents parent. Children are entitled to enjoy a period of innocence and be guided by their own parents on how and when to approach the complex and sensitive issues being pushed by the school board.”

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