JP Sears Talks Peer Pressure In New Children’s Book

YouTuber and conservative comedian JP Sears just became a published author by expanding his role in the culture war to releasing his first children’s book.

Published by Brave Books, “Chomp Chomp Chomp – The Snapfast Challenge” warns children about the dangers of giving in to peer pressure. Brave Books is a subscription-based company dedicated to providing children with books that are God and family-oriented.

Sears, who is known as AwakenWithJP, became famous with his political and cultural satire YouTube videos, mainly making fun of the left’s LGBTQ+ agenda. The comedian describes himself as a freedom fighter, especially in a society that cancels anyone going against the mainstream.

In his interview with Dana Loesch, Sears discussed the importance of protecting and nurturing children.

Sears told Loesch that the COVID-19 lockdowns were the motivation for his book, stating that many adults gave in to peer pressure during that time because they were not taught as children to stand up for what they believed in.

“Peer pressure can be a force of nature for kids,” said Sears, pointing out social media.

He also wrote the book in an effort to encourage his own son to think for himself, a skill that would also get him through adulthood.

“And I personally think reaching children is actually the most important part of the mission — helping awaken children to do their own thinking, follow their heart, have good morals, be freedom focused,” Sears said.

Sears stated in the interview that institutions, such as public schools, Hollywood, and Disney, make it a priority to retrain children’s thinking to give them a herd mentality.

“But I think something I’ve woken up to is realizing the old saying is true, the devil masquerades as an angel in disguise,” he said. So having warped messaging in Disney — that truly is the devil masquerading as an angel in disguise. So, times are changing.”

The main message that Sears wants children to learn from his book is to remain true to themselves because there is a “reward of exercising courage to do your own thinking.”

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