Biden Refuses to Revoke Abortion Policy in Exchange for Military Promotions

The Biden administration recently reaffirmed its disturbing commitment to pro-abortion extremism by refusing a patently reasonable compromise offer on stalled military promotions. This shortsighted decision prioritizes radical leftist ideology above our armed forces’ urgent readiness needs.

At risk are promotions for four-star general officers who oversee critical combat operations around the world. These highly distinguished leaders have decades of invaluable experience.

However, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) prudently proposed allowing these vital promotions to finally move forward. His rational compromise simply requested temporarily holding off on reversing former President Donald Trump’s pro-life Mexico City policy during the promotion process. Yet Biden officials imprudently rejected this good-faith overture outright, severely jeopardizing our national security.

According to a report by the respected nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, blocking these key promotions could have “serious ramifications for military readiness.” Our troops facing deadly threats abroad desperately need the guidance of seasoned, battle-tested generals with extensive leadership experience.

Biden is shamefully bowing to pressure from pro-abortion lobbyists, holding military readiness hostage to appease them. His rigid promotion blockade coercively promotes the left’s radical agenda while brave servicemembers with a wealth of experience suffer the consequences.

According to outspoken Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), “The Biden administration is preventing the best and brightest from leading our military in order to force liberal policies on the American people.”

Captain John Smith, a 25-year Armed Forces veteran with multiple deployments, shared his sobering perspective: “It’s frustrating and disappointing to have promotions stalled over politics. Our troops urgently need experienced, tactical leaders guiding them, especially now.”

Promotions should be based strictly on merit, not ideological purity tests. But now extraordinarily capable leaders face advancement denial solely due to Biden’s rigid pro-abortion litmus test.

Our troops, who put their lives at risk, deserve better than being sacrificial pawns in partisan political battles. Biden must put service above partisanship. He should work across the aisle with Republicans to find reasonable compromises upholding military values. Nothing less than our national security depends on it.

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