RFK Jr. Blasted Biden For Living In A ‘Bubble’

Democratic presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. leveled scathing criticism against President Joe Biden. The challenger declared the incumbent works in a “bubble” and converses with “donors rather than ordinary Americans.”

RFK Jr. told Fox News’ Jesse Watters, “I don’t think it’s good for the American people and I don’t think it’s good for the Democratic Party if the only people he has to talk to [to] win this election are his donors.”

He said the commander-in-chief should be talking to the voters and “Americans are hurting like they have never been before.”

Biden has steadfastly refused to debate his rival for next year’s Democratic nomination for president. His challenger said it is critical that Biden have a dialogue and engagement, “not just me, but with the public.”

RFK Jr. complimented Biden for having a “strong character.” This questionable judgment prompted Watters to ask about the president’s tepid handling of the tragic Maui fire that killed at least 114.

Biden irked many when he likened the unspeakable tragedy to a minor kitchen fire he endured in 2004. He also refused to comment on the Maui disaster several times while remaining on vacation in Delaware.

Referencing the president’s health, RFK Jr. said Biden should debate him “if he feels that he is up to that.” He also acknowledged that being president requires the officeholder to be in good physical shape.

The chief executive’s health is a serious concern for many voters. In a July meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, Biden conspicuously mumbled through a statement.

He also suffered several falls, including one in June at the Air Force Academy.

Then there’s his sinking poll numbers. According to the RealClearPolitics aggregate, Biden’s approval rating for handling the economy is a paltry 38%. That compares to the 58.6% of Americans who disapprove of his management of the nation’s finances.

RFK Jr. did not directly comment on the flurry of indictments of former President Donald Trump but did remark on his Georgia mugshot. The candidate remembered that he was also arrested in 2001 during a protest in Puerto Rico.

He and others were demonstrating against a planned U.S. Navy bombing exercise about 40 miles west of St. Thomas. Though sentenced to 30 days in jail, he eventually won a lawsuit over the case.

Kennedy called Trump’s choice to appear “defiant” in his mugshot “probably a very shrewd decision.”

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