Video: Anti-Mask Protester Attacked During Demonstration In Canada

The familiar COVID-19 fear-mongering of public officials, mainstream media personalities, and so-called experts has resurfaced in recent days with a new push to compel individuals to wear face masks in public.

“If you’re a caregiver for somebody who is at increased risk of complication following infection, then I think you should also consider putting a mask on in public places,” said Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a cardiologist and George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences professor. “And since the masks that are most effective are N95 that are now readily available, that’s the kind of mask you should wear.”

This time, however, a much larger segment of the population appears committed to push back against such mandates.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made it clear in his response to the matter, asserting: “There will be NO mask mandates in Texas.”

Among the general population, the dispute between pro- and anti-maskers has already resulted in some verbal and physical altercations. Earlier this week, a crowd of protesters in Canada expressed their support for a mandate in healthcare facilities — and they were soon met by counter-protesters who were adamantly opposed to such a requirement.

Reporters were on the scene and one camera captured the violent attack of an elderly man — identified only as Rob — by two pro-mask protesters. The footage appears to show the two individuals attempting to take the counter-protester’s signs and pushing him to the ground when he refused to let go of them.

“Stay the f— down, you’re done,” one of the individuals shouted.

One attacker accused Rob of initiating the scuffle, but there was no footage immediately available to back up that claim.

Rob could be seen in other photos taken prior to the fight apparently engaging peacefully in the protest. He was also interviewed by reporters on the scene and expressed his opposition to mask mandates.

“I’ve never worn a mask, and I will continue to not wear a mask because I think it’s still legal,” he explained.

Meanwhile in the U.S., Texas and seven other states are reportedly facing threats from the Biden administration related to bans on mask mandates in schools.

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