Project Veritas Board Members Walk Away From Sinking Ship

More bad news for James O’Keefe’s former organization as Project Veritas reportedly suffered the resignation of two board members as of Tuesday. George Skakel and John Garvey apparently stepped down in the wake of a controversial mass firing by CEO Hannah Giles.

On Aug. 17, she terminated most of the outfit’s investigative reporters. This left only a shell of the former workforce, and most of the 18 spared the ax were in fundraising.

Garvey resigned earlier in August, but that was only confirmed Tuesday by the Connecticut Sentinel. Skakel has risen to Chief Financial Officer at a secret board meeting in August only to then step down.

James O’Keefe founded the investigative journalism group in 2010 with a focus on undercover reporting to reveal leftist secrets. The outfit was so successful that it drew great scorn from the liberal media, who consistently labeled it an “ultra-right-wing” organization.

That, of course, is a badge of honor.

But the founder was shockingly removed as the Project Veritas leader in February in an uprising of the board of directors. There were vague accusations of bullying and lavish spending, and O’Keefe admitted he could be a tough boss.

Donors fled in droves, and many threw their support behind the O’Keefe Media Group, his new project.

As for his old project, the bleeding continues. Before Giles’ cleaning house, Skakel was present at a meeting on Aug. 9 in which the board elected to “no longer indemnify” two investigative journalists.

Spencer Meads and Eric Cochran faced a mountain of legal fees due to their work for Project Veritas, and now they will no longer be supported.

Giles stepped into the CEO role in June and has overseen the rapid slide of the once-powerful investigative outfit. In the first project by the group over a decade ago, she posed as a hooker and O’Keefe a pimp to expose corruption in then-President Obama’s housing program.

They convinced mortgage group Acorn to assist them with a loan so they could conduct their business from the home.

Project Veritas recently concluded an audit into O’Keefe’s leadership prior to his being forced out. But while board members claimed to be “vindicated,” they refused to make the audit results public.

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