Shenna Bellows Called Electoral College ‘Relic Of White Supremacy’

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ controversial move to strip former President Donald Trump from the state’s Republican primary ballot should hardly have been a surprise. The Democrat’s radical roots are well grounded.

Just within the last year, she twice visited incumbent President Joe Biden’s White House. The New York Post reported she graced the president’s home in March and then again in June.

The first visit resulted in a direct meeting with the top Democrat, while the latter brought a sit down with a Biden aide.

And it gets better. In a 2021 op-ed for the Democracy Docket, Bellows disparaged the very system that presidential elections are based upon as racist.

She wrote, “It’s not enough to advance voting rights in our state alone. It shouldn’t be easier to vote in Maine than in Montana. Voting rights for our neighbors matter as much as our own, especially when the relic of White supremacy that is the Electoral College remains in place.”

Of course, she did not explain how the constitutional system is racist.

Bellows further claimed that her inspiration for running for secretary of state was because she “was truly frightened for our democracy” following the 2020 presidential election.

Trump is of course appealing the egregious decisions in both Colorado and Maine. And while conventional wisdom would rate his chances high with a 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court, the former president is not taking a favorable ruling for granted.

Three of the justices are his appointees, but the New York Times reported that Trump is not convinced they will decide in his favor.

A person with “direct knowledge of his private comments” told the outlet that the 45th president believes the justices may seek to avoid being seen as “political.”

Further, the court has not shown an inclination to intercede in election-related cases concerning Trump.

Meanwhile, incidents of “swatting,” or calling police with false emergency scenarios, are increasing for both political parties. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) reported such an incident at her Georgia home on Christmas morning.

Now Bellows was victimized by a similar incident on Friday. Authorities were called with a false claim that a man broke into the secretary of state’s home that night.

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