Mayor Johnson: Illegal Migrants Will ‘Crush Local Economies’

Embattled Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson unleashed his anger over the illegal migrant crisis Friday on “CNN This Morning.” The target of his vitriol of course was his Republican colleague in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott.

And his rant bordered on comical.

The new mayor told the network that his “sanctuary” city is unprepared to handle the influx of illegal migrants shipped in from Texas. As if the Lone Star State or any other state is, and they face a deluge of millions from Biden’s open border, not merely tens of thousands.

Johnson claimed that local municipalities are not structured to “carry the weight of a crisis like this.” He said that handling the influx “is going to crush local economies.”

Texas, for the record, committed a staggering $10 billion to Operation Lone Star to deal with the emergency. But Johnson said Abbott is merely “governing out of fear” and that the situation needs “sound minds.”

Like President Biden’s? Is that the shining example Johnson referred to?

Johnson took unprecedented legal action against bus companies that transported illegal migrants to the Windy City. This spawned a partial switch to air travel from Texas to Chicago, which the frustrated mayor also categorized as “dangerous.”

On Sunday morning, several migrant buses were once again rolling toward Chicago. This followed the landing of a plane from Texas that carried over 300 illegals to the “sanctuary” city.

WTVO reported the border crossers were flown on a jumbo jet and landed at Rockford International Airport. When the plane disembarked, the passengers were loaded onto buses and taken to the city’s landing zone.

Chicago only has itself to blame.

In 2021, and in response to former President Donald Trump’s successful construction of major sections of the border wall, then-Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) made a disastrous decision. She chose to lift the middle finger to the president and declare her abode a “sanctuary” city.

The crisis is now being spread to other major Democratic cities that rolled out the red carpet for illegals. Their neighbors are also being affected, and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) in September encouraged Chicago’s suburbs to take on some of the migrants.

To stimulate interest, he earmarked $41.5 million in taxpayer funds for grants to provide shelter and care.

So, how is that “sanctuary” status working out?

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