Taylor Greene Blasts Newsom Over Free Healthcare For Illegals

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) unleashed verbal fireworks against California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ridiculous plan to offer taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal migrants.

Calling the permitting of millions of border crossers “treason,” the Republican congresswoman targeted the controversial program. “California is going to give illegals free healthcare, but nothing is free, the California taxpayers have to pay for it.”

Posting on X, formerly Twitter, Greene lamented not being able to get enough votes to impeach officials over the abject national security failure. She then asked if a tax revolt by Californians would stop the massive giveaway.

As the New Year arrived, the Golden State began offering so-called “free” healthcare to all who qualify. This is despite them being in the nation illegally and despite the troublesome fact that the state faces a $68 billion budget deficit for the next fiscal year.

Experts warn that it is reckless to make such a move even in good economic times.

With a skyrocketing state deficit, Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute called utilizing taxpayer funding to pay healthcare costs for illegals “simply irresponsible.”

Expansion of Medi-Cal, the state’s healthcare system for the indigent, is juxtaposed against growing national calls for greater border security.

The New York Post reported that as many as 700,000 illegal California residents between ages 26-49 will receive full medical coverage.

Greene noted the Post article and proposed a taxpayer revolt to stymie the massive giveaway to illegals.

The Georgia Republican in the past year pushed to the forefront of congressional opposition to President Joe Biden’s open border policies. She loudly called for more national security measures to stymie the invasion of millions of unvetted illegals.

On X in December, Greene said the U.S. faces “a constitutional crisis.” She explained that “the admin is enabling a full-scale border invasion and harboring illegal migrants. The courts are engaged in judicial tyranny…Soon national divorce may be our only option.”

According to official data, the last fiscal year that ended in September saw a staggering and unprecedented 3.2 million encounters with illegal migrants at the southern border.

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