Police Identify Robbery Suspect By His Colorful Underwear

The New York Police Department (NYPD) announced on Wednesday that they were able to identify a robbery suspect by the unique, colorful underwear that was visible because he was sagging his pants so low.

In a criminal complaint unsealed on Wednesday, federal prosecutors explained that 30-year-old Fathy Hussein had participated in a violent robbery while on probation for a weapons violation.

The surveillance footage of the incident showed Hussein and two other robbers exit a black Mazda 3 Sedan with missing hubcaps. The three thieves were wearing masks as they entered a tobacco and smoke shop in Queens, New York on September 14 just before 6 p.m. local time, according to the complaint.

The two unidentified robbers pointed guns at the shop’s employees while Hussein ran behind the counter and stole money out of the cash register. The thieves fled the scene with $3,000 in cash, four cell phones, and roughly $1,000 worth of CBD and marijuana products.

According to prosecutors, Hussein was later identified from the surveillance footage because of his distinctive clothes — specifically his underwear, which had a large white letter “R” and yellow text reading “1990.”

A few days after the robbery, police were contacted by an anonymous tipster, who informed them that the robbers were attempting to sell the stolen items. The anonymous individual also provided the NYPD with Hussein’s Instagram account.

Apparently, Hussein chose to wear the same identifiable underwear while trying to sell the stolen goods. When police reviewed the surveillance footage based on the anonymous tip, they saw Hussein wearing the unique underwear in the other location. He was also seen on the street without his mask in other surveillance footage, also wearing the same unique underwear.

Investigators were also able to tie him to the vicinity of the robbery using historical cellphone site data.

Hussein was then arrested by NYPD officers and members of the ATF Joint Robbery Task Force and is now awaiting arraignment at the Brooklyn Federal Court.

The NYPD is still investigating the robbery and seeking the other two suspects, including one who wore a mask from the “Scream” movies during the incident.

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