Sen. Vance Launches State Probe Into DEI ‘Decentering Whiteness’

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) sharply rebuked a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant for a racist Forbes article she wrote concerning “decentering Whiteness.” Janice Gassam Ascre now faces a state probe over whether her business receives taxpayer funds.

Ascre heads the DEI firm BWG Business Solutions. Her article led Vance to post on X, formerly Twitter, “I’m just done with this [expletive]. It’s racist and it’s gross.”

Vance declared that Forbes “should be ashamed for publishing it.” He further responded by directing his congressional staff to determine whether Ascre’s ventures are funded by public money from Ohio citizens.

The GOP senator was hardly alone in his indignation. Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy described the offending column as “racism without the possibility of reverse racism.”

In her writing, Ascre argues that systems must be dismantled that endorse “White dominant culture to the detriment of non-White groups and cultures.” In other words, the typical claptrap pushed by DEI initiatives that are now federally supported under the Biden regime.

The article included her questionable observations that “it has been given many names including the White gaze and Whiteness as the default. Because White-centering is often left unexamined and unchecked, equity and justice have continued to evade organizations.”

Vance called the article an example of racism.

Asare responded that Vance merely misunderstood her concept of “decentering Whiteness.” She urged him to read her book on the matter and gain a new perspective.

She explained to Fox News Digital that Vance had “no idea” of her meaning. “I would say this: It’s obvious that the senator has no idea what decentering Whiteness actually means and how it’s about the system of Whiteness and not one White person or White people.”

Social media critics lashed out at Asare and Forbes for the blatantly anti-white and racist content.

One declared that abolition of DEI should be central to the Anti-Communist Manifesto. Another asked why Forbes is “propagating racism and racist ideology. Is leadership and staff at Forbes proudly racist?”

Still, another simply observed, “This is racist. Forbes is racist against White people, their predominant demographic. Time to punish them by unsubscribing.”

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