Measles Outbreak Tied To Influx Of Illegal Immigrants

The influx of illegal immigrants has yielded expected and unexpected consequences. One of the latest ramifications is the resurgence of measles.

Zero Hedge reported that open border policies have opened the door for a widespread health crisis as millions of unvaccinated individuals enter the country.

Heightening the risk level is the reality that often, illegal immigrants travel in clusters and reside in crowded living quarters.

Hundreds across the southwest have been exposed to the measles virus in recent months. Live Science reported that a patient with measles exposed more than 300 people to the virus at one hospital in Davis, California.

According to the Daily Mail, America will likely experience a “major measles outbreak” this year.

A new childhood immunization, introduced in 2000, virtually eliminated measles from the United States.

Because contracting the disease is rare, the Daily Mail report warned that early detection may be difficult because “many young physicians have never even seen a patient infected with the virus.”

CBS News Chicago reported that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is working with local authorities to battle a measles outbreak that originated at the Pilsen shelter in the Chicago suburb of Pilsen.

Chicago medical authorities have confirmed eight cases of measles thus far. However, virus-carrying individuals exposed several hundred people at what is the largest shelter in Chicago.

Recent data from the CDC shows confirmed cases in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York City, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington state.

The CDC also reported 45 confirmed measles cases last month, compared to just a single case in February 2023.

There is no plan or provision to screen illegal immigrants for infectious diseases as they cross the border into the United States. Last spring, USA Today warned: “Asylum seekers could be bringing infectious diseases across our southern border. When they are bussed to New York and elsewhere, these diseases go with them.”

The New York Post ran the ominous headline: “Biden’s open borders are bringing contagious diseases to your neighborhood.”

Live Science reported: “Measles can have serious health implications, especially in children under age 5.” Approximately 20% of children with the virus require hospitalization. The mortality rate is approximately .003%.

Pregnant women are also particularly vulnerable to suffering pronounced symptoms when contracting the virus.

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