FBI Hiring: ‘Best and Brightest’ Replaced By Diverse

“DEI” means Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — and it currently matters more to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) than “Best and Brightest”. Sources say this “woke” hiring policy is causing this critical law enforcement agency to lower its standards to dangerous levels, resulting in national security risks.

A report enumerating this and other concerning issues was written by a group of about 20 active and retired FBI agents along with analysts. It was recently given to the House Judiciary Committee, who is currently reviewing it. The author’s names have been kept confidential in versions of the report made public.

The agents in question have as much as 20 years of experience in the Bureau and are viewed as highly credible. The report makes numerous claims about declining FBI standards and a toxic environment for those whose ethnic background and personal views are not left-leaning and “diverse”.

Agents are being hired who do not meet physical fitness and mental health standards, the report claims. There are candidates who have difficulty speaking and reading basic English. Even illicit drug use is not a disqualifier for FBI employment.

The report also noted that existing employees who are some combination of White, male, and politically conservative face a harsher standard of discipline for a similar offense as compared to candidates who are LGBT or minority.

The FBI reportedly is becoming a bit of a fallback for low-quality candidates who could not get law enforcement jobs elsewhere. One of the authors described a situation in which he rejected a candidate who was 50 pounds overweight and failed the physical fitness test. He was ordered by his superior to continue the candidate’s application process anyway. The applicant was Black and female.

Additionally, FBI headquarters has been micromanaging field offices in investigations, prioritizing cases based largely on left-wing politics.

The report suggests a number of corrective actions, such as a 90-day audit of FBI recruitment practices and strengthening the oath of office taken by FBI agents.

DEI has been a cancer affecting nearly every industry and every aspect of life for Americans. Airlines have been filling pilot training slots with flight attendants to satisfy “diversity” hiring requirements. DEI hiring practices have been suspected as factors in recent airline maintenance mishaps.

Other areas do not put lives directly at risk but impact culture. The entertainment industry routinely remakes movies and television programs with “race-swapped” casting of characters. Others reinvent classic characters such as superheroes as LGBT.

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