CCP-Linked Chinese Parent Firm Deletes Website Following Investigation

After the Daily Caller launched an investigation into the Chinese parent firm of an American company, the firm deleted its website after it was revealed that it had ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Chinese parent company of Cnano Technology (Cnano USA), which is seeking to build a manufacturing facility near U.S. military bases, recently scrubbed all mentions of its involvement with the CCP’s “863 Program,” which the U.S. government deems to be a strategic attempt to steal U.S. technology, according to the Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller reported that Cnano USA plans to build a $95 million manufacturing plant in Kansas, 35 miles from Fort Leavenworth and other military sites. The factory will be used to create liquid conductive paste for electric vehicles and other technologies.

Cnano USA’s parent company, Cnano Jiangsu, a China-based firm established in the British Virgin Islands, employs 28 members of the CCP and promotes the Chinese government’s ideology.

Cnano Jiangsu has also participated in the Chinese government’s 863 program, which supports the building up of China’s military and “provides funding and guidance for efforts to clandestinely acquire U.S. technology and sensitive economic information,” the U.S. Director of National Intelligence reported.

Following the Daily Caller’s investigation of Cnano Jiangsu, the Chinese firm deleted all mentions of its participation in China’s 863 Program on the “About Us” page of its former English-speaking website. The company, too, deleted references to its involvement with the Chinese government on its since-removed Chinese-language website.

Upon further review, the Daily Caller found that Cnano Jiangsu still had brief mentions of its involvement with the Chinese government’s 863 Program in an archived March 2020 job advertisement for a “research and development laboratory assistant” and a separate announcement for an “industrial technician.”

“The company has been approved to serve as a National Green Factory, a Jiangsu Provincial Nanomaterials Engineering Research and Development Center, a Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, a Jiangsu Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, and has successively undertaken National 863,” both job advertisements state.

The job commercials also reveal the firm’s support for “Provincial-Level Transformative Scientific and Technological Achievement Programs.”

Upon receiving a briefing about Cnano USA, Rep. Jake LaTurner (R-KS) warned that companies with ties to the CCP “have intentionally infiltrated American supply chains and strategically positioned themselves near our most critical military installations.”

LaTurner said that given the companies’ link with the CCP, “further action is warranted.”

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