James O’Keefe Exposes Group Busing Illegal Immigrants To Phoenix Airport

Journalist James O’Keefe, founder of O’Keefe Media Group, has posted videos on X exposing a migrant facility that is bussing illegal immigrants to the Phoenix Airport.

O’Keefe described the space as being a “secretive Migrant Refugee Facility.” The building is the Ann Ott School, a Phoenix elementary school that was closed in 2007 and has now been transformed into a migrant camp. According to a Red Cross worker who approached O’Keefe, the facility is run by the International Rescue Committee.

One of the alleged facility workers, Jesus Moreno, repeatedly asked O’Keefe “How much did you guys get paid?” and then appeared to bribe him, offering to pay O’Keefe to not report the facility’s activities.

An unidentified woman in the background told Moreno in Spanish to not say anything.

O’Keefe then attempted to ask a bus driver who was waiting outside the facility if he was transporting migrants, but the driver shut the bus door without responding.

Shortly after, Moreno told O’Keefe to “Stop harassing people” and demanded that he leave, despite the fact that he was standing on a public sidewalk outside the gates.

O’Keefe also talked to a man working at the shelter named Tomas Robles, who works for IRC and for 10 years worked for Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), a left-leaning political organization. Robles called O’Keefe and his crew “domestic terrorists” and instructed a man standing behind him to call the police on them.

Jet Limousines is one of the companies that is transporting migrants, and is a subcontractor to a group called charterUP, according to O’Keefe Media Group. These companies have apparently instructed their drivers to not answer any questions from journalists and “even call the police,” as stated by O’Keefe.

The buses are bringing migrants to the airport every hour of the day. According to the video, migrants at the airport told O’Keefe that they are there because of “Biden” and that “… he’s given us an opportunity.”

The IRC received $1.4 billion in total funding in 2021 with $415 million in funding from various federal government organizations. Another $75 million of its funding came from the European Union.

There were 302,000 recorded migrant crossings in the month of December, an all-time monthly high.

NBC News reported that the Biden Administration is currently set to reopen four ports of entry at the southern border, with two of those ports located in Arizona, one in Texas, and one in California.

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