New Jersey Deploys Police To Avoid NYC Migrant Crisis

New Jersey officials do not want to get involved in the migrant crisis facing New York City as Texas and other border states continue busing migrants from the southern border to the New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ sanctuary city.

On December 27, Adams issued an executive order that required bus companies to give the city at least a 32-hour notice prior to the arrival of buses that were dropping off migrants. Adams hoped to lessen the number of migrants being brought to New York City in what was becoming a crisis for the city.

Bus companies, rather than adhering to Adams’ order, simply dropped off the migrants at train stations in cities across New Jersey who would then board those trains and end up in New York City anyway.

Now, New Jersey has taken it a step further. The buses arriving in New Jersey are now being met by New Jersey transit cops who immediately show them how to board a train for New York City if they so desire.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Since Saturday, 953 of the 1,017 asylum-seekers who have arrived in New Jersey have moved on to Manhattan.”

Mayor Adams is attempting to strike back against the bus companies that found the loophole around his executive order in the form of a lawsuit against 17 charter bus companies that seek to recoup all of the costs the city has incurred by providing emergency shelter to migrants who were bused in.

“New York City has and will always do our part to manage this humanitarian crisis, but we cannot bear the costs of reckless political ploys from the state of Texas alone,” said Mayor Adams. “Today, we are taking legal action against 17 companies that have taken part in Texas Governor Abbott’s scheme.”

Adams is seeking to recoup $700 million with the lawsuit.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) stated at a recent press conference that he would continue to push migrants to Manhattan rather than allow them to stay in New Jersey.

“NYC is where there is federal support and resources available,” Murphy said. “This is a manageable situation, and I expect it will continue to be so.”

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