Biden Vows to Send Funds to Ukraine Over Maui

The Biden administration has refused to vow a decoupling of funds to Ukraine. The refusal to decouple the funds comes as Maui and Florida face serious losses from natural disasters.

The Biden administration recently announced their financial plan to send an additional $1 billion to Ukraine in humanitarian aid. This adds to the $76.8 billion that has already been sent to the war-entrenched country.

While the Biden administration is funding Ukraine and their war effort against Russia, American citizens’ needs are being ignored. Hawaii and Florida have seen disasters take their toll on homes and lives in recent weeks. Where many feel the states deserve federal disaster funding, the current administration isn’t so sure.

When asked if decoupling the funds for the Ukraine and sending them to Florida and Hawaii was possible, the White House said they would not vow to do that. When approached about the funding and the possible decoupling of the funds, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated,

“Look, we see them both as incredibly important. I just laid out at the top what we saw happen in Ukraine: 16 civilians died. We — we are going to see the President go to the G20, talking about our commitment for Ukraine and making sure that the people of Ukraine — who are bravely fighting for their sovereignty, for their democracy — has what they need to fight against Russia’s aggression.”

She went on to say that it was important to help a country fighting for democracy.

In response to the White House statement, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) introduced the Federal Disaster Responsibility Act. The act is designed to decouple the disaster relief so American citizens can receive the federal aid they need following a disaster.

Regarding the proposed act, Scott stated, “When disaster strikes, families can’t be left wondering whether the federal government is going to show up or if they’ll be strung along while Washington uses them as a bargaining chip in a massive spending bill.”

The issue of funding the Ukraine and their war efforts is beginning to take its toll on the American people. The question facing the nation now is when citizens will begin to see the funding and assistance the Ukraine and migrants have seen in and from the United States.

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