New York City Mayor Labeled ‘Black Trump’ After Anti-Immigration Rant

Democrat Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, has been labeled as the “Black Trump” after he went on a tirade about the impact tens of thousands of immigrants have made on the city. Adams claims that over 100,000 immigrants have come to the city, many after crossing the southern border, and that the burden of caring for all of the people is taking a major toll on resources.

On Sunday, Adams gave a speech in which he claimed that 10,000 immigrants a month are arriving in New York City and that the colossal numbers will eventually “destroy” the city. The speech led to several democrats claiming that Adams borrowed a page out of conservative philosophies and that his attitude about the crisis was “bigoted thinking.”

New York has always been a destination for immigrants but the explosion of illegal immigration that has happened since 2018 has overwhelmed the city’s ability to provide housing, food, and clothing in line with the “sanctuary city” identity. The massive numbers of immigrants have put additional pressure on the New York City police department which is already struggling to recruit enough officers to fill the ranks. Last week, police in the 12th District reported several incidents of violence by immigrants against police that led to one officer being hospitalized briefly.

Now, in an effort to reduce the flow of money that is leaving the city broke, Adams has announced the intention to eliminate most overtime pay for police, firefighters, corrections officers, and sanitation workers.

Shelters in the New York City area are full and the city has taken to housing immigrants in police stations and other locations. Overcrowding is leading to many immigrants being forced into the street. Adams warned that with shelters at capacity and the influx of 10,000 immigrants each month, the city will be forced to begin housing some immigrants in outside tents.

Adams has said the city will spend between $12 and $14 billion to handle the migrant crisis over the next several years. He has repeatedly called on President Joe Biden to provide federal assistance. So far, the White House has refused to act on the immigration crisis which continues to worsen by the day.

At least 13,000 immigrants have arrived in the city on buses sent from Texas since 2022. Governor Gregg Abbott continues to champion Operation Lone Star, the state effort to reduce illegal immigration. Texas reports an average of nearly 10,000 immigrant detentions every day, a number that Abbott said should indicate to New York just how little the state understands the border crisis. In addition to the immigrants bused to New York, the federal government has resumed clandestine flights for unaccompanied minors out of the southern border region to cities across the country. Many of these flights have landed in New York and the surrounding area.

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