AOC’s District Has Become An ‘Epicenter Of Crime, Prostitution’

A neighborhood in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) congressional district has become a “third world” country, according to some New Yorkers, as residents complain the area has become an epicenter of crime and prostitution, a report with shocking video from Fox News revealed last week.

Flea markets run by illegal immigrants and prostitutes line the streets of the northwest Queens neighborhoods of Corona, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, with the illegal immigrants selling clothes and other items. Piles of clothes for sale litter the ground, overflowing onto the sidewalk while trash fills the street corners.

Queens resident Ramses Frías told Fox News, “We’ve become sort of this epicenter of crime and prostitution and illegal street vending. It’s taken over many streets.” Frías used to be a Democrat, but he recently switched parties to join the GOP and run for New York State Assembly as a Republican.

“It goes all the way from Corona, through Elmhurst and into Jackson Heights. These are three neighboring neighborhoods that are really being hit hard with these problems,” Frías told Fox.

The neighborhood was once a thriving community in the 14th Congressional District represented by Ocasio-Cortez. But in recent times, it has become a dirty flea market filled with prostitutes and other unsavory characters and unhygienic conditions.

Frías said residents never see their representative to Congress in the neighborhood. “She doesn’t campaign there, she’s never set foot there. I’ve never seen her on Roosevelt Avenue. This is a few blocks off from where I literally live. I live and breathe this every single day.”

“I would gladly give her a tour,” the Republican state assembly candidate said. “I would walk her through everything, let her see exactly how it is and how it’s affecting the quality of life for everybody that lives there.”

“What we are seeing here is the result of anti-immigrant policies that deny immigrants proper work permits and vending licenses, and drive them into the shadows of undignified conditions,” Ocasio-Cortez claimed in a statement to Fox News.

“This is just one way of many that anti-immigrant policies hurt all of us,” she added. “Paths to citizenship and work documentation can solve this problem – but Republicans would rather block those so they can film people in their worst moments for views.”

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