Woke Video Game Company Reacts To Gamer Backlash

Left-wing video game company Sweet Baby Inc. — a company that writes scripts for video games with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) values exalted — is complaining to video game platform Steam and encouraging its followers to harass and mass flag the account of a user who flags games by the “woke” company so gamers can avoid it.

Sweet Baby employees Chris Kindred and Felix Kramer have lashed out in posts on X, formerly Twitter, against the curator of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected page. The Sweet Baby duo bashed the curator for having a political motivation against “woke ppl” and Kindred told his followers to mass flag the Sweet Baby Detected page and the curator’s personal Steam account.

Kindred claims the Sweet Baby Detected page violates the Steam code of conduct, which says that “interactions should not be … disparaging, or inflammatory, nor create an environment that is unwelcoming.” But the page’s curator has offered its contents as a service to consumers and it became very popular, with over 121,000 followers.

As it turns out, thousands upon thousands of gamers want to know if a title has been influenced by the “woke” DEI propaganda Sweet Baby advertises to clients as “narrative consultation,” so they can go ahead and skip those titles. But now the video game consultant behind these “woke” video games doesn’t want users to know what games they worked on.

Gamers have been unhappy with the results of Sweet Baby Inc.’s influence on games. Instead of appealing to broad audiences who are fans of the gaming system and the title brand, the company made goofy woke games out of titles such as “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” and “Gotham Knights.”

The entire purpose of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected group is to give customers a way to find out before they purchase a game if Sweet Baby Inc. has influenced the gameplay. Since no one else publishes this information, this Steam page provides that service to gaming consumers.

Gamers have reportedly responded to Kindred’s call for mass reporting of the Steam pages by mass reporting Kindred for attempting to create a targeted harassment campaign.

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