Tucker Carlson Accuses Gov. Greg Abbott Of Betraying Texas

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson leveled both barrels at Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Sunday. Speaking to a Brighter Michigan PAC event in Utica, the commentator slammed what he believes are half-measures to control Biden’s open border.

Carlson leveled the charge that Abbott engaged in “betrayal” and was no better than Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

He asked the audience, “What do Gretchen Whitmer and Greg [Abbott] have in common? Unfortunately, quite a bit.” Carlson noted that most governments are run by small groups who act regardless of what the majority wants.

Before turning his attention to the Texas leader, Carlson asked what the priorities are for the “low-I.Q. lunatic” running Michigan.

Answering his own question, he said that Whitmer is focused on putting people in jail if they “misgender” someone. That, he declared, is hardly at the top of the list for rank-and-file Michigan taxpayers.

Then there’s Abbott, who Carlson accused of allowing 7 million illegal migrants to cross the Texas border with Mexico. How many people, he asked, are “on board” with this reckless act? His answer was, “Zero. Zero.”

The conservative commentator noted that Abbott has the National Guard at his disposal and could stop illegal migration in a week. Carlson charged the governor refused to take this critical step.

He asserted if a person’s house is being broken into, “it’s not complicated to repel the person. Do you have a firearm or don’t you? Are you willing to defend your house and your children or aren’t you?”

Carlson noted that Abbott told him the situation is “complicated.” The host took exception to that description.

He told the Michigan audience, “It’s not more complicated than that. It’s more dishonest than that. You’re lying to me. You don’t want to do it because your donors don’t want you to do it. It’s that simple. Greg Abbott. Liar. Liar. And worse than liar, betrayer of your own people.”

Carlson called Abbott’s actions, or lack thereof, “frustrating” and a “criminal act.”

On Sunday, the Texas governor posted pictures on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, showing the National Guard turning back illegal migrants at the border. He has not directly responded to Carlson.

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