Taylor Lorenz Believes New York Times Is Right Wing

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz went on record Monday with a startling claim. The ex-New York Times journalist declared that her former employer only allows its writers to present “right-wing opinions.”

How far left do you have to be to consider the Times a right-wing mouthpiece?

Lorenz, who knows a thing or two about harassment, claimed the Times earned its conservative credentials by opposing online bullying and doxxing. She further asserted that she was prohibited from voicing her opinions on issues while working there.

Writing on Zuckerberg’s Threads app, Lorenz said that Times employees are able to express their thoughts as long as they are “right.” She wrote that “right-wing opinions are fine, left-wing opinions are not.”

Is this the same New York Times that describes itself as the “newspaper of record?”

Her whining included being forced by the outlet to delete a tweet in which she declared “I don’t like living in America lol.” Even a leftist outfit like the Times realized that having its reporters post such sentiments could be bad for business.

As for her most recent diatribe against the media giant that jilted her, Lorenz only backed up her claims by posting an article discussing the Times criticizing antisemitism and Hamas.

Denouncing terrorism and racism is right-wing?

And of all the things the New York Times has been called, “liberal” is far down the list. The editorial board has not endorsed a Republican candidate for president since the 1950s — prior to JFK’s election in 1960.

That’s hardly “fair and balanced.”

All Sides is a website that rates the political bias of media outlets. In 2022, it scientifically concluded that the Times publishes with a “strong left bias,” something that every reasonable observer knew.

No, the Times is hardly a right-wing source of information. Think of any major political story of the past several years, and it either led or regurgitated liberal rhetoric to its readers.

Whether it was the COVID pandemic, the Hunter Biden laptop story, the violent BLM riots of 2020 or the Russiagate hoax, the Times marched in lockstep with the left-wing press.

Lorenz is either politically naive, looking for a headline or most likely both.

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