Ronna McDaniel Says Nikki Haley Should End Presidential Bid

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel recently urged former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) to end her presidential campaign after being trounced by former President Donald Trump in the New Hampshire primary.

During an interview with Fox News, McDaniel said she doesn’t see a pathway for Haley to become the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

“Looking at the math and the path going forward and I don’t see it for Nikki Haley,” the RNC chairwoman said.

“I think she’s run a great campaign,” she added. “But I do think there is a message that’s coming out from the voters, which is very clear. We need to unite around our eventual nominee, which is going to be Donald Trump, and we need to make sure we beat Joe Biden.”

“It is 10 months away till the November election, and we can’t wait any longer to put our foot on the gas to beat the worst president, to beat a president that’s kept our borders open, allowed fentanyl to pour through, allowed inflation to go rampant,” McDaniel continued.

McDaniel’s comments come after Trump defeated Haley in the New Hampshire primary. The former president set a record for votes received by a presidential contender in The Granite State.

In her concession speech, the former South Carolina governor congratulated Trump but said she would remain in the GOP presidential primary race. Despite losing in New Hampshire, Haley claimed the presidential race was “far from over.”

Trump later criticized Haley during his victory speech in Nashua, New Hampshire, saying, “Somebody ran up to the state all dressed up nicely when it was seven, but now I just walked up it’s at 14.” The former president pointed out his wide lead over Haley in the New Hampshire primary results.

“She was up and I said wow, she’s doing like a speech like she won. She didn’t, she lost,” Trump said.

With the South Carolina primary on the horizon, scheduled for Feb. 24, 2024, polls show the former president leading Haley by 40 percentage points.

Trump has garnered the endorsements of multiple politicians in The Palmetto State, including South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R) and Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Tim Scott (R-SC).

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