Protestors Demand Athens Mayor Resign After Campus Attack

Protestors are demanding the Democrat mayor of Athens, Georgia, resign after the fatal attack that killed 22-year-old nursing student Lakin Riley on the University of Georgia campus last week.

Lakin Riley was on a walking trail at night when she became the victim of the crime. The suspect in custody is an illegal immigrant from Venezuela named Jose Antonio Ibarra.

Protestors accuse Athens mayor Kelly Girtz of creating a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants due to a 2019 resolution he signed “in Support of Athens Immigrant, Undocumented, and Latin-X Community.” Although Girtz defended himself saying that no policies were adopted to create a sanctuary city status, the resolution makes clear that they welcome with open arms all immigrants, legal or not.

Protestors feel Girtz has violated his oath of office by offering such welcome and protection to illegal immigrants, especially as the media is covering numerous high-profile crimes across the country committed by them in sanctuary cities.

As the mayor attempted damage control at a press conference, protestors showed up and shouted that he was a liar, holding up signs that said “Blood on your hands” and “Make Athens safe again.”

Although the police investigation is ongoing, there is evidence that ties Ibarra to the crime. Campus security cameras and several witnesses were able to make him the prime suspect, but as of now, no motive has been established. Details on Ibarra are still scant, but it has been established he is a 26-year-old native of Venezuela whose status in his own country has not yet been verified. Currently, there has been no criminal history found for him in his home country.

With the approach of the 2024 presidential election, incidents like this are gaining much more attention than usual, as they are connected to the election issue of the open southern border. Thousands of illegal immigrants cross into the United States every day and travel all over the country. Although the border has remained wide open during Biden’s years in office, he has promised to get illegal crossings under control.

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