NYC Mayor Adams Faces Criticism After Wearing Communist Scarves

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams has drawn some criticism after being seen on multiple occasions wearing a red scarf.

For the last few weeks, Adams was seen wearing a red scarf, which is a symbol of the Chinese Communist Party. He was seen wearing two red scarves on Saturday at the first annual Brooklyn Lantern Parade and then wore one on Sunday in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

The red scarf is supposed to represent the blood of the Chinese Red Guards, who lost their lives defending communism.

“Mayor Adams was proud to march in two Lunar New Year parades this weekend to honor the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who celebrate the holiday,” a spokesperson told The New York Post.

Adams reported that he wore the scarf to honor the city’s Chinese community, not to endorse communism.

This was not the first time Adams had worn a red scarf. He was given a red scarf last month at the Prelude to the Lunar New Year at Cipriani Downtown. The event was hosted by the China Media Group, a media station run out of China.

One of the scarves worn displayed a white symbol belonging to Asian Community Empowerment Inc., a Brooklyn nonprofit organization known by the acronym BRACE, according to the New York Post.

BRACE also partners up with the United Front, whose main objective is to spread communism outside China. The group is affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.

The mayor is known for wearing political statements on his clothing, using it as a conversation starter. In 2022, Adams wore a custom tuxedo emblazoned with “End Gun Violence” on the back.

Since he wore the red scarves on several occasions and liked to wear political statements on his sleeve, some began to speculate that Adams was showing his support for communism.

According to Adams’ spokesperson, the mayor was unaware of the meaning of the scarves that were handed to him as he attended the events.

“During the festivities, someone handed Mayor Adams a red scarf and he put it on without looking at any logo on it,” the spokesperson said. “He wore that same scarf at the second event as well. That is the beginning and end of this story.”

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