Mayorkas Says He Hasn’t Fired Hamas Supporter

During a heated exchange with Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas became “visibly agitated” when confronted about a Hamas-supporting DHS employee who previously worked as a spokeswoman for a designated terrorist organization.

Mayorkas refused to explain why DHS has not fired immigration officer Nejwa Ali after a bombshell exposé about her praise for Hamas and her work for the terrorist group, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). He confirmed that Ali was still employed and instead attacked Hawley while complaining to Chairman Gary Peters (D-MI) about Hawley’s questions.

“What about people who say things like, on October 7, ‘F— Israel, the government and its military, are you ready for your downfall.’ People who say things like, ‘F— Israel and any Jew who supports Israel. May your conscience haunt your dreams until your last breath, Palestine will be free one day, f— apartheid Israel and any Israeli.’ This is pretty extreme rhetoric, don’t you think?” Hawley asked.

“I do and I think there is a distinction between espousing or endorsing terrorist ideology and speech that is odious that does not rise to that level,” Mayorkas claimed.

“This person works for you,” Hawley shot back, pointing out that Ali’s shocking posts were made on the same day that Hamas terrorists slaughtered over 1,400 Israelis.

“She also posted this graphic… a Hamas paraglider depicted here with a machine gun flying into Israel. She posted it under her online alias with the celebratory ‘free Palestine.’ What’s going on here? Is this typical of people who work at DHS? This is an asylum and immigration officer who is posting these frankly pro-genocidal slogans and images on the day Israelis are being slaughtered in their beds. What have you done about this?” Hawley asked.

Mayorkas appeared extremely angry at the question, refusing to answer and instead attacking Hawley for asking.

“Four things I’d like to say to you, number one, your question, to suggest that that is emblematic of the men and women of DHS is despicable,” he said.

Hawley repeatedly questioned whether Ali had been fired, but Mayorkas again refused.

“Don’t come to this hearing room when Israel has been invaded and Jewish students are barricaded in libraries in this country and cannot be escorted out because they are threatened for their lives, you have employees who are celebrating genocide and you are saying it’s despicable for me to answer the question? Has she been fired?” Hawley continued.

The DHS Secretary proceeded to ignore the question and complained to the Democrats, requesting “an opportunity to speak” after “the consumption of Sen. Hawley’s time.”

Shockingly, the chairman responded that he “would like an answer.”

Mayorkas finally admitted that Ali “has been placed on administrative leave” — but Hawley again demanded to know why she wasn’t fired, prompting Mayorkas to claim that he could not discuss an ongoing personnel matter while also attempting to deflect blame to former President Donald Trump because Ali “was hired in 2019.”

After more back and forth, Hawley ultimately condemned Mayorkas for failing to address the issue — stating that “the fact that you are not willing to provide answers to this committee is absolutely atrocious.”

Mayorkas was ultimately given one minute to speak by the Democrat chairman, who did not allow Hawley to respond to his comments. The DHS secretary used the time to smear Hawley and try to flip the narrative by stating that “perhaps he doesn’t know my own background. Perhaps he doesn’t know I am the child of a Holocaust survivor.”

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