Kamala Harris On Quest To Eradicate AI ‘Algorithmic Discrimination’

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on artificial intelligence Monday, but it hardly covered the issues that most are concerned with. Instead, he and Vice President Kamala Harris want to ensure the new frontier is properly woke.

Harris declared the White House had a “duty” to prevent “algorithmic discrimination.” She added that AI must be “shared equitably.”

After her inspirational successes with securing the nation’s southern border and ending violent crime, Harris wants to extend her winning streak into the technological world.

Speaking from the East Room, the vice president declared it is Washington’s “moral, ethical and societal duty” to ensure AI fairness. Harris said capabilities must be advanced in a manner that shields the public from potential harm.

There are serious adults such as Elon Musk who are quite concerned about AI’s potential impact on civilization as a whole. However, no one has ever confused the pair in the White House with being serious adults.

No, their concern is making sure that the bean counters are happy and that AI is fitted into a quota system. Harris said she and Biden consulted with everyone from “computer scientists to civil rights leaders to legal scholars and business leaders” in determining their platform.

The White House even produced what it comically called the “Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights.”

This document recommends “proactive equity assessments as part of the system design” to create “a minimum baseline of responsible AI practices.” In other words, the government would establish these “equity assessments” to ensure fairness and equal outcomes.

Monday’s statements followed a warning from the watchdog American Accountability Foundation (AAF). The conservative group cautioned that the Biden administration is attempting to ingrain AI technology with radical leftist ideology.

AAF President Tom Jones recently told Fox News Digital that the White House is not relying on scientists to formulate technology policy.

Rather, it is based on “racially obsessed social academics and activists.” Jones warned that once it controls AI, the tech/woke alliance would reach “a whole new, truly terrifying level.”

So, despite the very real threat of bad actors using the rapidly advancing technology for civilizational harm, the administration worries that someone’s feelings may be hurt. That is hardly leadership.

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