Illegal Aliens Can Stay In Shelters Indefinitely, NY Progressives Suggest

As if the surge of illegal immigrants staying in New York City were not a burden on its resources, leftist city lawmakers want to make it worse. Several progressive city council members are looking to pass legislation that would allow illegals to stay in shelters permanently.

Councilwoman Shahana Hanif (D-Brooklyn) plans to re-introduce a bill to prohibit any city agency from implementing length-of-stay restrictions for illegals and others staying in shelters on Feb. 28. The public hearing for the legislation will take place at City Hall on Mar. 1.

The progressive socialist originally proposed the legislation last October, but the motion stalled, according to the New York Post.

Hanif claimed that shelter evictions are a violation of human rights “that both the city and state Legislatures need to be taking on, given our shared oversight of shelter functions. Our offices will be collaborating closely as we work to advance our bills in City Hall and the Capitol.”

Hanif has other colleagues who support the idea. Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz (D-Queens) and Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal (D-NY) also pushed for legislation that would put an end to shelter time limits.

Adams placed a 60-day time limit for illegal immigrants to stay in city-run shelters last July. Once space started running out, he changed it to 30 days for adults in September. Many Republicans and moderate Democrats have spoken out against the proposed legislation.

Councilwoman Joann Ariola (R-Queens) stated that the time limit allows enough time for illegals to come up with a plan to be more independent.

“The 30- and 60-day check-ins exist for a reason,” said Ariola. “They provide opportunities for city agencies to make contact with migrants in the shelter system, and ensure that they’re on a path towards living on their own.”

“Removing these crucial check-ins will only create a culture of dependency, in which migrants remain reliant on the government and never leave the city’s care,” she added.

Thanks to Adams and his fellow Democrats giving them the red carpet treatment, illegal immigrants have already started to become too comfortable with their living arrangements. Besides being housed in some of the nicest hotels in the city, they are provided with free food and money. If Hanif’s legislation is passed, there would be no reason for them to ever leave.

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