Crime Pays: New York Democrats Want To Give Ex-Prisoners $2,600

When someone commits a crime, they are usually punished — but not in New York state. A new bill introduced in Albany will reward criminals, offering them money when they are released.

Proposed by state Sen. Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) and Assemblyman Eddie Gibbs (D-Manhattan), the bill would give prisoners close to $2,600 upon release to help them get settled back into society, which is a substantial amount of money considering they currently receive only $40 upon release.

“In this economy that amount is barely enough to get groceries or purchase clothes for a job interview,” Gibbs said. “The first 72 hours after release are crucial in determining an individual’s successful reintegration into society. By increasing the amount to up to $2550 in the span of a few months we allow folks the opportunity to reach their full potential. This isn’t just a social justice bill but a public safety one. We need to start offering real support to folks re-entering society if we want to reduce recidivism and ensure stability and dignity for all.”

This bill is especially important to Gibbs because he was formerly incarcerated as a teen for manslaughter. He said that the extra money could help provide for ex-prisoners to afford to have their “basic human needs” met, such as food and housing.

Gibbs fatally shot a man while attempting to rob him at the age of 17 and served four years before being paroled.

While Gibbs and Parker seem to think that coughing up $2,600 is a good idea for ex-prisoners, other politicians say that it is absurd. Sen. George Borrello (R-NY) is the biggest opponent of the bill, stating that Democrats are trying to make it so crime does pay, “literally.”

“My colleagues seem to think that these are folks that are a victim of circumstances,” Borrello said. “You chose to commit a crime in New York State. If you really are concerned about how much money you’re going to have in your pocket when you leave prison, then don’t go there to begin with.”

Other Republicans are against the bill as well, citing Democrats’ defunding the police and being soft on crime led to an increase in incarcerated individuals.

Parker and Gibbs are asking that $25 million be set aside to cover the costs, but other advocates of the legislation believe more is needed.

The proposed bill comes at a time when the crime rate in the state has skyrocketed. Things have gotten so bad that New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) plans to deploy 750 National Guard members to help deter the high crime rate in New York City’s subway system.

Along with the amount of money state Democrats have given away to illegal immigrants in the city, it seems like everyone is winning, except the taxpayers.

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