CNN Analyst Reveals ‘Depressing’ Stats About Biden Economy

The Biden administration and its dutiful defenders in the mainstream media have attempted to seize on cherry-picked data in an effort to convince voters that the nation’s economy is in better shape than it appears for millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet.

During a recent CNN segment, however, even analyst Harry Enten acknowledged the undeniable truth behind some recent economic numbers that appear encouraging at first glance.

Anchor Erica Hill began by citing reports that about 200,000 new jobs were added to the economy last month, pushing the official unemployment rate down to 3.7%, going on to feign confusion regarding why “the vast majority of Americans say the economic conditions right now are poor.”

Enten stepped in with some important context, starting with the fact that most ordinary citizens are not swayed by stock market gains or jobs reports but rather their own ability to provide the essentials for their families and save for the future. The biggest indicator in that regard, he said, is also the one that presents the worst news for Biden’s re-election campaign.

“I mean, if you were to look basically at disposable income, the change in disposable income, that is probably the weakest economic measure there is out there,” he said. “From the first year of a president’s term to now in a term, look at this: We’ve actually had negative growth. We have actually decreased the amount of disposable income we’ve had [by] 2.7% for the Biden administration.”

Comparing Biden’s results to his most recent predecessors, Enten noted that the average is a 4.5% gain since the Kennedy administration.

“And even in the last few months, the last six months, the growth that we’ve had [was] just 0.2%,” he added. “The average six months since 1961? 1.1% — so we’re even behind on that metric.”

Considering the staggering loss of disposable income over the course of the past three years, it is perhaps unsurprising that the economy is a leading factor in the president’s dismal approval rating.

After Hill chimed in that Enten’s assessment made the Biden economy look “depressing,” Enten agreed before adding “one last thing” to drive home his overarching point.

“Even wages here [are] not going up,” he concluded. “Median wage [is] minus 1[%] since pre-pandemic, minus 1[%] since Biden’s first year. Since last quarter? Zero[%]. Wages have been stagnant for a long time and it’s continuing to be so.”

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