Attacks On NYPD Officers Reach Record High, Data Suggests

New York City’s finest, the NYPD, have become public enemy number one in recent months. The men and women in blue who protect the city find themselves being attacked in record numbers, especially as the city continues to increase its illegal immigrant population.

The New York Post reported that in New York City, over 5,400 police officers were injured by suspects in 2023.

To put the numbers into perspective, 3,933 officers were reported injured in 2021 and 4,724 in 2022.

“Well over 5,000 cops were attacked and injured last year — that’s not only a record, it’s a full-blown epidemic,” said Patrick Hendry, President of the Police Benevolent Association.

“The vicious attacks on police officers we’ve seen recently didn’t come out of nowhere. This dangerous environment has been building for years,” he continued. “It’s not going to get better until those who attack police officers are consistently prosecuted and kept in jail. And that won’t happen unless New Yorkers keep speaking up to demand an end to the chaos.”

The shocking statistics come after New York City made national headlines when at least 14 illegal immigrants ganged up on two NYPD officers after being warned to stop loitering. The suspects were arrested but released back on the street without bail.

This incident was not the first violent attack on police officers in the new year. On Jan. 17, a Brooklyn woman took it upon herself to run over an NYPD officer when he attempted to prevent her from driving the wrong way.

On Jan. 22, four officers were injured in two separate incidents. One involved a crazed man wielding a machete in Brooklyn. He slashed an NYPD sergeant across the head and injured two other officers. Less than two hours later in Manhattan, another cop was punched in the face at a subway station by a mentally unstable man.

On Monday, a 14-year-old robbery suspect was arrested for ramming his dirt bike into an NYPD officer during a Brooklyn bust. The officer is currently listed to be in stable condition and is being treated at a local hospital.

Thanks to the city’s Democratic policies, the NYPD has a difficult time protecting residents from harm.

A female officer, who was attacked while handcuffing a shoplifting suspect stated that “everyone wants to fight.”

As a result, she sprained her hand while the suspect was released back on the street the same day.

Due to New York City’s soft-on-crime laws, many criminals have no fear of the police.

“The reason so many NYPD officers are being injured is simple: the criminals have become emboldened because there are no consequences for resisting arrest or fighting with officers,” said Sergeants Benevolent Association President Vincent Vallelong.

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