Apple Reaches $25 Million Settlement With Biden DOJ

A landmark lawsuit has been settled, leaving Apple on the hook for paying $25 million to settle allegations by Biden’s Department of Justice that the tech corporation discriminated against American workers by favoring the hiring of immigrants instead.

The DOJ claims Apple refrained from recruiting U.S. citizens or permanent residents for positions that were eligible for the PERM program. That move opened the door for the company to sponsor immigrants for green cards instead.

The DOJ also alleged that Apple kept job openings under the program under wraps, and required applicants to mail paper applications — which is out of character for Apple.

This is the largest settlement on record for the DOJ to involve allegations of discrimination based on citizenship. The breakdown of Apple’s settlement includes paying $18.25 million to affected employees as well as $6.75 million in civil penalties.

Apple has asserted its actions were “unintentional,” stating, “We have implemented a robust remediation plan to comply with the requirements of various government agencies as we continue to hire American workers and grow in the US.”

Of course, not everyone is buying that, and few are surprised by Apple’s concession.

Citizens are concerned that it’s becoming something of the dark ages to hire a White American over an immigrant in the U.S.

The tech giant also agreed to re-engage in hiring for PERM positions with the company alongside normal hiring procedures. Apple will be required to broaden the scope of its hiring process and train new hires on anti-discrimination laws.

The public perception seems to be that the Biden DOJ is forcing Apple’s hand on an issue they have no business overseeing. It’s fair to argue that Apple may have settled for a reason, too. For now, as one X user put it, “They paid it with the change in their couch at HQ.”

Several X users couldn’t help but highlight the hypocrisy in the DOJ chasing after Elon Musk for not hiring immigrants.

The overwhelming American response to Apple’s news? Make it make sense.

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