Bitcoin’s Rise Is Bad News For The Deep State

At a time when the power of paper currency is waning, Bitcoin’s prominence and rise in the global market is something many overlook, but the currency’s power could be used to expose the deep state in the U.S.

Recently, a notorious group used Bitcoin in a “mysterious way,” as described by the Blaze. The group reportedly used an unused computational software that allowed it to add controversial information to Bitcoin’s blockchain, making the currency immune to editing, deletion, or potential removal.

It seems that the added information was part of America’s so-called Afghanistan War Logs — classified military information that was leaked by WikiLeaks in 2010 pertaining to the U.S.’s war in Afghanistan.

An individual involved with the group responsible for adding the classified war information on Bitcoin’s blockchain, “Project Spartacus,” admitted that the group is responsible for ensuring the information stays public.

The protocol that Project Spartacus was able to modify to its convenience, Ordinals, is being used as a publisher for Bitcoin. Such a protocol is free from the influence of major institutions that shape the rules of the traditional publishing game, according to the Blaze.

Among the organizations and agencies which have no bearing on Ordinals are Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.

As of today, Bitcoin has been primarily ignored by many individuals across the globe, but the currency’s power and presence in the global market haven’t wavered. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum have shifted the attention of many away from Bitcoin.

The Blaze argued that the reason for such ignorance toward Bitcoin is caused by the currency’s developers, who have primarily focused on encouraging people to buy, increasing dollar-denominated prices or establishing a set of layers to the original protocol, thereby reducing fees and encouraging consumers to use Bitcoin as an online currency.

Despite such efforts, Bitcoin hasn’t been successful in its mission to reel in consumers, but its cash value hasn’t decreased as much as many cryptocurrencies.

“Bitcoin currently offers Americans a lot more immediate access than AI to the kinds of tools we need to build commercial markets and cultural institutions we can profit from – while protecting what we hold most dear,” per the Blaze.

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