150 Democrats Vote Against Bill To Deport DUI-Convicted Illegal Migrants

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed the Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act, a significant legislation targeting illegal immigrants convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). The legislation marks a firm stance by lawmakers to prioritize the safety and security of American communities.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL), addresses a critical issue in immigration law. It mandates the deportation of noncitizens arrested for DUI and bars their re-entry into the United States. This legislative action comes in response to growing concerns about the safety risks posed by DUI offenses committed by illegal immigrants.

Moore’s commitment to this cause is personal and profound. “In the United States, someone dies in a crash with an impaired driver every 45 minutes,” Moore lamented, sharing a tragic story of his constituents who lost their lives due to an impaired illegal immigrant driver. This narrative underscores the urgency and necessity of the bill.

Remarkably, 150 House Democrats voted against it, leaving many to question their commitment to tackling the challenges posed by illegal immigration and public safety. This decision has sparked heated debates and criticism, particularly among conservative circles, where the refusal to support the bill is seen as a failure to protect American citizens.

Fifty-nine House Democrats broke ranks to support the legislation, joining all 215 Republicans in a 274-150 vote. This bipartisan support highlights the issue’s significance transcending political lines, focusing on the core concern of public safety.

The bill’s implications extend beyond mere deportation. It targets conflicts between state and federal law, ensuring that past DUI convictions are considered in immigration cases. This move is crucial, considering the existing gaps in the law that sometimes allow DUI offenses to go unaddressed in immigration proceedings.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) stressed the importance of this legislation, noting the dire consequences of DUIs and the need for strict enforcement against illegal immigrants convicted of such offenses. His remarks align with the conservative viewpoint emphasizing law and order, particularly regarding immigration policy.

The bill also aligns with Republican efforts to critique the Biden administration’s immigration enforcement priorities. Republicans have long advocated for stricter immigration laws and better border security.

In contrast, Democrats, including Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), argue that the issue is being politicized, accusing Republicans of using the border crisis as a “campaign tool.”

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