Smithsonian May Have Created Another Covington Scandal

Bias in our nation’s institutions has struck again: this time in a place where you may least expect it. Unfortunately, the censorship of pro-life views may be creating another media firestorm.

The news comes from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The museum normally known for its collection of aircraft and spacecraft is now mired in controversy.

Our national museum kicked out visitors for showing their pro-life views. A group of Catholic students visiting with pro-life messages on their hats were asked to leave.

You likely remember what happened to the students of Covington Catholic High School when they visited Washington D.C. in 2019. Some of the students, including minor Nicholas Sandmann, smiled at the protesters near the Lincoln Memorial.

The reaction from the media was vicious. The students, especially Sandmann were blasted as vile racists. This resulted in Sandmann launching lawsuits against the media outlets he said slandered him, including CNN and the Washington Post.

Sandmann got a settlement from CNN and showed that conservatives can fight back against left wing bias, even if it appears difficult. The parents of the students allegedly harassed at the Air and Space Museum have rights, too.

Part of what bothers many conservatives is that the situation would be different if the shoe was on the other foot. Left-wing causes and messages are regularly allowed everywhere and often boosted by the media.

There is no problem in holding pro-abortion marches or rallies or having celebrities promote the cause of injustice. However, wearing a hat that doesn’t hurt anyone is where the Smithsonian draws the line.

These students deserve an apology from the museum. There is a chance to make this right without it becoming another national media frenzy such as in the case of the Covington students. By avoiding the same errors of the past, the media can not make the situation worse.

However, the leftward march of our institutions means that there likely won’t be anything done about these students being robbed of a chance to learn at a fascinating museum unless parents and the general public act.

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