Philly Bus Driver Ends Carjacking In The Act

Of all of the stories about crime coming out of Philadelphia, we finally have a good one to report: a bus driver successfully put a stop to a serious crime while behind the wheel.

Bus driver Chris DeShields is being lauded as a hero after stopping a carjacking in action. He was driving through a difficult neighborhood around midnight when he observed young men carjacking a young woman.

DeShields used the bus as a warning, swaying toward the robbers, flashing lights at them, yelling at them, and blaring the horn. The would-be carjackers then ran off.

The action of the driver put a swift end to an increasingly common crime in the city of brotherly love. The action may have very well saved lives.

Philadelphia has not been immune to the recent rash of violent crime that has surged across the country. Robberies and burglaries are increasingly common. It reached an unfortunate milestone last year as the city saw 500 homicides.

All of this background information makes the actions of DeShields that much more heroic. He understood the potential risk and still stepped in to make sure that the young woman was unharmed.

If there were more good people like this bus driver, perhaps the violent crime rate in our major cities would start to decline. Rather than trying to blame crime on the Second Amendment, there is a time for reflection on ways to prevent crime.

In addition, Philadelphia isn’t the only major city seeing a large increase in various types of crime. The surge in lawlessness since 2020 is still with us. This involves an unfortunate wave of violent and property crime that has come since.

Philadelphia won’t be able to solve all of its crime problems at once, but stepping back from the policies of the Democrats in charge of the city would certainly help. The lax policing and prosecution of blue states and cities is a major driver of crime.

But, for now, there is at least one positive story about crime in Philadelphia.

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