Riley Gaines Blasts University’s Denial Of Her Campus Attack

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, who transformed into a powerful women’s rights advocate, is outraged that those who allegedly attacked her almost a year ago are off the hook. The frightening incident unfolded at San Francisco State University and was largely videotaped.

But the University Police Department shockingly issued a statement concluding that Gaines’ charges were “unfounded.”

Left-wing domestic terrorism is alive and well on college campuses, and there is apparently no recourse for those who are victimized for simply speaking the truth.

Widespread video of the event hosted by Turning Point USA clearly showed the violence that erupted when Gaines spoke out against men encroaching into women’s sports.

The former championship swimmer told of her experience as a University of Kentucky senior while being forced to compete with biological male Lia Thomas. But when her speech concluded, she was beset upon by left-wing protesters who rushed into the room.

The assailants turned off the lights and attacked her while demanding ransom.

She reported that she was “ambushed and physically hit twice by a man.”

On X, formerly Twitter, Gaines revealed “the police have finally informed me the case has been suspended as all charges are ‘alleged’ and ‘unfounded’…I guess audio, video & eyewitness evidence aren’t admissible in SF.”

Gaines, who achieved iconic acclaim in conservative circles for her courageous stand, called the campus decision a “terrible precedent.”

She said it is not just a dangerous signal “for conservatives or conservative speakers on college campuses like myself. This sets a terrible precedent for every single American, male, female, regardless of race, regardless of…orientation.”

Gaines declared that through its lack of action, Biden’s Justice Department is encouraging violence against women.

It also set the example that it is acceptable to target First Amendment rights and that there will be no repercussions.

Addressing Fox News’ “America Reports” Thursday, Gaines noted that if the script were flipped, the official reaction would be far different. “Had a bunch of conservative students, Christian conservative students, been protesting a liberal speaker on campus, but that’s not happening.”

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